Are There Any Bugs in Belize and Should I Bring Bug Spray?

Bugs In Belize — Go Slow Belize

Like everywhere – and especially in tropical places – you’ll find bugs in Belize. They’re one of the not-so-fine elements of traveling that you simply must accept. They’ll buzz around your ears, may bite you, and may cause annoying itching. And, unfortunately, a number of the most famous places to visit in Belize – jungles, beaches, and forests – may have more than their honest share of resident bugs.

But it is worth bearing in thoughts that, without them, the tropical habitat of Belize wouldn’t be the Cbd Weeds. So arrive organized for bugs, and look upon them as an vital part of the surroundings.

What Insects are There in Belize?

Here are the 2 most commonplace styles of insects you’re probable to stumble upon in Belize:
● Mosquitoes

Probably liable for the majority of traveller misery, mosquitoes are sneaky little blighters which you may not realize are there until it is too overdue and that they’ve already bitten you.

Often, the best sign of a mosquito is its telltale high-pitched humming – that is excellent if you’re somewhere quiet where you could hear it, however no longer so notable if you’re enjoying a drink at a active seashore bar.

Although mosquitoes are specially accepted at night time, they’re also round at some stage in the day, so protective yourself is critical. If you do get bitten, generally the worst you could anticipate is an itchy, swollen lump for some days. But mosquitoes can bring malaria and dengue fever, both of that could make you very ill, so do try and avoid being bitten as plenty as possible.

Mosquitoes love damp, humid conditions, and so are unsurprisingly more generic in the rainy season, which runs June via November in Belize.
● Sandflies

Sandflies are tiny – regularly called ‘no-see-ums’ for that very motive – but in spite of their size, they are able to motive an uncongenial response if they bite. Incidentally, it’s best the female of the species that bites, however this is no help while you’re on a seaside surrounded by using those flying biters.

The most important recommendation if you’re bitten by a sandfly is try not to scratch. It will best make the reaction worse, and you will become with lumps, welts, and in all likelihood damaged pores and skin, leaving you liable to infection.

Sandflies, like mosquitoes, love to hang out in which there is moisture and will be maximum active simply earlier than sundown.

What can I do to Defend Myself from Bugs?

There are some widespread hints you may bear in thoughts to keep away from being bitten with the aid of bugs, or to relieve the symptoms in case you are.
Avoid being bitten