Health is Wealth – Do You Agree?

Health Is Wealth Essay for Students and Children | 500+ Words Essay

I agree whole-heartedly with the announcing “Health Is Wealth”. If a person isn’t healthy then he or she will be able to find it very tough or maybe not possible to revel in existence, despite the fact that he or she can be very wealthy.

If I am requested to pick one from two of the following things, as a way to I opt for: with out wealth, or, wealth without health? Without hesitation I will select the previous. There is no doubt.

Wealth is usually associated with how a lot cash someone has, that is, how wealthy he’s. An uncle of mine is very rich. He has just about everything everybody can wish for, and some matters no one dares to hope for. That is how rich he’s. He lives in a massive mansion guarded by using big dobermans and complex burglar alarms. He has high-priced automobiles, furnishings, art work and other rich guy’s toys. Well, he has the whole lot except proper health.

Everywhere he goes he consists of with him a bag of medicine. He has to take capsules ordinary for his susceptible coronary heart, diabetes and high blood pressure. He is ready sixty years antique and has spent his life amassing wealth. Without doubt he has succeeded in turning into very rich. However he has also succeeded in turning into very dangerous too. He laments approximately his lack of health and says that how he needed that he turned into younger and healthy again. Unfortunately, he can not regain his fitness once more.

This instance of wealth without health is not what I need to observe. It is ridiculous to have a lot material wealth but being unable to enjoy it. What is using cash whilst one has to take a lot medicinal drug everyday simply to live alive? How can one revel in life when one’s body is weakened by means of disorder and ache? No wonder my uncle laments so.

Health without wealth is a long way better. That is what I actually have now. I do no longer need to worry even a piece approximately what I can consume or do. I consume and do what I like due to the fact my frame is healthful. Of course I do now not abuse it by way of taking capsules or overexerting myself. I take accurate care of my body. In that manner I live healthful.

With fitness I can go approximately my work with pleasure. If I become rich, then this is best. Then again, I may additionally lose my riches, however this is all proper too. I can always do the things I revel in whether I am rich or now not. I can play games, swim within the sea, climb hills, consume delicious fruits and admire the matters of this beautiful Earth. This is indeed wealth – to be healthful and joyous.