How to Recognise a True Travel Addict

Everyone likes a good holiday, but there are those of us who literally cannot live without travel. It is in our blood and almost as important to us as breathing. If we don’t get our regular travel fix then we will pine and wither like a plant without water. It is easy to spot a travel addict. Here are some sure that you are dealing with someone with this problem:

They have luggage that looks like it has been through a war zone.

The battered backpack is a badge of honour. A suitcase missing a zip tag or won’t quite zip properly? Many a travel addict will keep luggage as it reminds them of how many places it has been to with them and served them so faithfully. A brand sparking new set just isn’t the same.

They have a wealth of amusing anecdotes to tell.

The travel addict will always have amusing stories to tell – whether they are self-deprecating stories of travel disasters, heart warming stories of human kindness, or simply the sharing of some of the wonderful things they have seen and done. From fleas to faux pas to forests as far as the eye can see, anecdotes and stories will abound.

Their eyes light up when they talk about holiday plans.

You will recognise that glint in their eye as they tell you where they are going next. It is the look of an addict. They cannot hide the light that comes into their life as the world opens up to them as they travel round the globe. It is the look a food addict gets when they see a large piece of chocolate cake, or a smoker when they have their first cigarette of the day. You can tell that this is a not entirely healthy obsession.

They are always looking for their next fix.

Like any addict, a travel addict will always be looking for their next fix. When one holiday ends, they will begin dreaming about and planning the next. Even while travelling, they may be thinking about where else they would like to go and what else they would like to do. It is never enough. When you tell them about your travels to somewhere they have not been, all they will be able to think about is getting out there and seeing those places too.