How to Tech Ganon Side B

Ganondorf’s Side B move, commonly referred to as the “Wizard’s Foot,” is a powerful tool in his arsenal. It’s essential to grasp its mechanics fully to wield it effectively.

Understanding the Mechanics

When executed, Ganon lunges forward with a devastating kick. It can deal significant damage and knockback to opponents. The direction in which Ganon moves can be controlled slightly by angling the control stick. This feature allows for precise positioning during the attack.

Mastering Ganon Side B

To become proficient with Ganon Side B, mastering its timing and precision is paramount. Properly timing the execution of Side B is crucial. It’s a high-risk, high-reward move that requires precision to land successfully. Incorporating Side B into your mix-up game can catch opponents off guard. Using it sparingly and unpredictably increases its effectiveness.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced players can employ various techniques tech nica to maximize the utility of Ganon Side B. Offstage, Ganon’s Side B can be a potent edgeguarding tool. Its long reach and power make it difficult for opponents to recover safely. In dire situations, Ganon Side B can also serve as a recovery option. However, it should be used cautiously due to its susceptibility to punishment.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Despite its potency, misuse of Ganon Side B can lead to detrimental consequences. Relying too heavily on Side B makes your gameplay predictable and leaves you vulnerable to punishment. Opponents can exploit repetitive patterns in your Side B usage. Mixing up your approach prevents them from easily countering your moves.

Tips for Practice and Improvement

Consistent practice is key to mastering Ganon Side B. Spend time in training mode practicing the timing and spacing of Side B against different characters and scenarios. Reviewing your matches helps identify areas for improvement in your Side B usage and overall gameplay.

Utilizing Side B in Different Scenarios

Ganon Side B can be strategically employed in various game states. In neutral, use Side B cautiously to punish opponents’ mistakes or surprise them with unexpected approaches. When ahead, pressure opponents with well-timed Side B attacks to maintain control of the match. In disadvantageous situations, use Side B sparingly to create openings and turn the tide of the battle.

Adaptation and Flexibility

Remain adaptable in your approach to using Ganon Side B. Be ready to adjust your strategy based on your opponent’s reactions and gameplay style.


Mastering Ganon Side B elevates your gameplay as Ganondorf, providing you with a potent weapon to secure victories.