Planning A Trip To Laos? Are Independent Travel Trips Or Group Tours Right For You?

If you’re an adventurous vacationer who’s looking for a one of a kind travel experience, a trip to Laos might just be the vacation for you. Before you go, learn what you can see and do in this country and decide whether independent travel trips or group tours are right for you. Here are some of the highlights that you can expect during these vacations and the benefits of each type.

About Laos

Laos is a small country located between Vietnam and Thailand in Southeast Asia. The local currency is the kip and one U.S. or Australian dollar equals about 8000 kip. Vacationers can expect to find dishes that include sticky rice and papaya salad that’s spiced with chillies. If you’re looking to enjoy local cuisine, definitely try laap and noodle soup. Coffee enthusiasts should drink it like the locals do with plenty of ice and some sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of each glass, but if you want something stronger, have lao lao, a rice distilled spirit. If you’re not used to strong drinks, mix it with a soft drink because it can be extremely potent.

Popular destinations in the country include the town of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, the Plain of Jars and Buddha Park. Luang Prabang is one of the most well-known spots and has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What Can Travellers Expect With Independent Travel Trips?

If you’re planning on utilising independent travel trips instead of a large tour with a group, you’ll be able to customise it to your specific needs. In Laos, this means that travellers will receive one on one personalisation and attention. Vacationers taking independent travel trips will be able to sightsee in Luang Prabang without compromising on exactly what they want to see. Travellers who take independent travel trips will also be able to linger if they find a particular sight interesting, as rhinobooksnashville as ask their guides detailed questions without worrying about other vacationers. Additionally, they’ll be able to choose their own accommodations, which helps a great deal because they can either choose to stay in a luxury hotel or a less expensive one without concerning themselves about where the rest of the group wants to stay.

What Can Travellers Expect With Group Tours

One of the biggest benefits of group tours is that these trips are generally less expensive than independent travel trips. They can be slightly less personal, which means that travellers may not be able to leave an attraction exactly when they’re ready and may need to wait patiently to ask the guide questions. However, group tours in Laos can include multiple destinations, including Nong Khiau and the Nam Ou River, Kamu Lodge and Chiang Rai. By booking group tours with an experienced tour company, travellers will be able to receive a unique vacation at a great price. Additionally, many travellers who go on a vacation with a group find that they enjoy getting to know their fellow vacationers and leave with some new friends from around the world.