Queen card game for Beginners: A step-by-step guide for beginners to learn the basics of Queen

Playing card games has always been a fun way to interact with friends and spend some quality time. In this regard, Queen casino card games stand out as the most liked option among the many card games, especially for people who are new to the card gaming world.

Therefore, if you are also a novice and looking to understand the intricacies of the Queen card game, you are at the right place. By just following a few steps and understanding the basics, you can easily get prepared to play against your friends.

Understanding the Basics Of Queen Card Games

Queen is a trick-taking card game that mostly has four players involved. The traditional 52-card deck is used in the game, and the main objective of this game is to avoid capturing specific low-value cards and to win tricks that contain specific high-value cards.

Getting Ready

Before starting the Queen card game, at least four players must be seated around a table. Partners ought to sit across from one another. You then need to take out jokers from a typical deck of playing cards. The dealer will be chosen randomly, after which you must shuffle the deck, and the dealer presents it to the player who is cutting to their right. The complete deck is then dealt, with 13 cards being dealt to each player by the dealer.

Knowing the Cards

The rating of cards in the Queen card game is quite different from other card games. The cards are arranged in the following sequence, starting from the top and going to the lowest. The top card in the deck is the Queen of Spades, and the second highest is the Diamond Number 10, which is also called the Big Casino sometimes. The Two of Spades is the third highest and is also known as Little Casino.

Each ace has 4 points in the Queen card game, while each 10 is worth 3 points. Similarly, a king is worth 2 points, and a queen is worth 1 point. Lastly, every jack is also worth one point, and for all the other cards, there are no points.

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The player to the left of the dealer starts the first trick by dealing a face-up card. If possible, each player must play a card from the same suit in a clockwise sequence, and if they don’t, they can play a card from any other suit. Therefore, to lead the trick, one must hold the highest ranking card in the leading suit.

If it’s possible, the players must play cards that match the leading suit, but if they don’t, they may play any card. However, if a player already holds cards of the dominant suit, he/she can still play the Queen of Spades whenever they want. The winner of a trick gathers the cards and initiates the next trick.


The game is generally played in rounds, with scores being tallied at the conclusion of each round. The winner in this game is whoever or whatever team scores the first 100 points.


Now that you have this beginner’s guide, you are ready to explore the alluring world of Queen card games. So, gather your friends, shuffle those cards and bet on Queen card games to enjoy some strategic fun. Remember, practice makes everything perfect, so keep on shuffling those cards and initiating the next trick.

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