Things to Consider Before Taking Your Pet on Vacation

Pets are like family members to most pet owners, so it’s no wonder that many owners worry about their pet when it comes to planning the family vacation. There are many factors to take into account when you consider bringing your family pet along on a trip. Here are a few things to consider before you commit to taking Fido along on that next road trip.

Accommodations – When considering taking your pet on vacation you’ll want to check out accommodations that allow such things and will happily welcome your beloved pet. In most places you’ll be able to find pet-friendly hotels, condos, cottages, etc. that are set up to allow pet owners the joy of bringing along their four-legged friends. Many of these places will have designated locations that allow your pet to play, run, and romp freely by your side.

Cost – Once you find those special places that will accommodate your pet, you’ll want to consider the cost. Many (if not most) places that allow pets will charge extra for that luxury. They will need to thoroughly clean that place after you’ve left and most will even spray for fleas so that the next visitor and their pet won’t have to worry about the possibility of fleas being left behind by the previous guests. All of this will cost you extra. If you decide to leave your pet home, you’ll want to consider the cost of pet lodging while you’re Sometimes it’s just cheaper to pay the fees on vacation than the fees at a doggy daycare.

Caretaker Availability – If you leave your pet home, you’ll want to make sure that you have someone who is willing and able to come over everyday to care for your beloved friend. Is your pet going to stay inside the house, or outside? Will the caretaker be able to handle an overly-excited pet who hasn’t seen anyone all day and is now vying for attention (think about the big dogs)? If your pet will be staying outside, will they have an adequate water and food supply until the caretaker arrives to replenish it?

Pet Health – One of the most important things to consider before taking your pet on vacation is your pet’s health. Have they had all their shots? There’s no telling how many dogs and cats have stayed in the same accommodations that you will, or what they’ve left behind. Is your pet healthy for travel? No sicknesses that they could give to other pets in the area? Will your vet give the pet a clean bill of health? Some places even require a signed statement from your vet stating that your pet is healthy before they will allow your pet to stay in their facilities.

Traveling – Is your pet a good traveler? Do they like to ride in a car? Or do they cry, bark, whine to be let out? Will there be places on your route where you can stop for them to take a walk and go to the bathroom? What about when you decide to stop and eat? Will they stay in the car? Is the temperature low enough so that they can stay in the car safely? Or will you be flying? Then you have a whole new set of things to consider. Traveling long distances can be just as uncomfortable for your pet as it is for you. Think about their comfort before undertaking a long road trip.

Pet Temperament – Your pet’s temperament will also help you make the decision to take them with you or leave them home. If your pet is overly aggressive, then it’s best that you not take them on vacation where there will be a lot of people or other pets. If your pet is noisy, then it’s best not to stay in a location that has close quarters like a hotel or condo building. You certainly wouldn’t want the people around you complaining that your dog is ruining their own vacation. If you pet is skittish of strangers then you’ll not want to take them for walks at crowded parks.