Young World Traveler Hopes To Inspire Others To Travel Through His Photography

Andrew Ingersoll is well known to readers of Rick Ingersoll’s famous weblog, The Frugal Travel Guy, for the pictures of people, places and cultures he’s captured around the world. At age 29, Andrew has already visited 47 international locations and, armed with all the unfastened and frugal travel techniques he is found out from his father, he is no longer about to prevent.

“The tips I’ve picked up from ‘Pops’ have allowed me to retain travelling at affordable prices and to proportion my stories through my images,” Andrew said currently.

Rick Ingersoll is a retired mortgage banker who have become a “journey hacker” as a hobby in order that he and his spouse, Katy, may want to spend his retirement years travelling the globe. He started out blogging approximately his guidelines and strategies for collecting common flier miles and different loose-tour strategies in 2007 (his present day “bankroll” of pineasy flier miles is up to 1.Five million) and authored the e-book The Frugal Travel Guy Handbook in 2010. The hobby became a commercial enterprise as readership grew and the travel industry began advertising on it.

It wasn’t long earlier than Rick’s whole family joined “the game,” as he calls it — which includes Andrew, who quick learned that “the arena is a fascinating location, and I want if you want to proportion a number of its glories with others who are not capable of pick up and cross.”

He makes use of his pictures to do this – images whose quality defies Andrew’s “newbie” reputation.

“It might be superb if I ought to encourage others to journey through my pix,” he said. “Traveling and experiencing cultures and customs opens up minds and challenges the lack of information and prejudices portrayed by means of the media.”

Growing up in Traverse City, Michigan, Andrew graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Nursing diploma in 2004. He started out touring to Europe in holidays and all through summer breaks while he turned into in faculty.

“That’s when I located that the world was a lot large than white, center magnificence America,” said the narrow, sandy-haired photographer who’s currently ensconced in Antarctica. “This stimulated me to take in as a lot from different international locations and cultures as viable.”

Andrew began his photographic magazine with a “point and shoot virtual digicam,” he stated, and picked up a Nikon Coolpix in a Malaysian market, “in most cases due to the fact the charge was proper.” But when he made the decision to go to all seven continents earlier than he turned 30, he knew an upgrade turned into in order.

“I got a high-quality deal on a Nikon D5000 at Costco this closing December and Antarctica turned into my trial backdrop.”

He moved to Seattle, Washington, after he graduated from Michigan State. “It changed into right now when we, as a family, started out coming across the actual advantages of frequent flier miles,” he said. “My first experience to Asia was on a United Mileage Plus praise ticket that took me from Seattle to Tokyo to Singapore. My eyes have been now fixated on cultures so different from Northern Michigan, I turned into hooked. And to at the moment, I love Asian tradition.”